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Surface treatment shot blasting systems and solutions

Industrial Sandblasters & Sandblasting Rooms

Compressed air sandblasters

The only systems allowing the use of special shot, such as corundum, ceramic media, glass micro-beads…

Blast rooms

Custom made to your size specifications, with one or two main material access doors…

Shot Blasting Machines & Equipment

Overhead conveyor blast machines

Custom size and load capacity options to deliver unbeatable versatility in terms of applications and materials to be treated…

Rotary table blast machines

The simplest and most versatile and cost-effective solution to surface treatment issues…

Roller conveyor blast machines

For surface treatment of all sheet metal, sections, tubes, structural framing…

Tumble belt blast machines

Used for the treatment of high volume bulk parts, they can be fed automatically by means of a hydraulic bucket…

Belt conveyor blast machines

Dual blast wheels for finishing aluminium and zamak die castings, steel and brass pressings…

Special & Filter Systems

Special systems

Turbotecnica has been specializing for years in the design of special, innovative, high-performance shot blasting systems.

Filter systems

Dry dust collection from air extracted from shot and sandblasting systems to ATEX standards…

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Shot Blasting Machines Turbotecnica

Turbotecnica works both domestically and internationally as an ideal partner in the design, manufacture and sale of professional shot and sand blasting machines.
Our experts will work alongside you to come up with solutions tailored to your individual production requirements with a quick turnaround.

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Shot Blast Machines Turbotecnica

We recognize that our customers’ satisfaction stems from constant comprehensive customer service that addresses all your needs promptly.

Turbotecnica shot and sand blasting systems are tested in-house to ensure the utmost reliability.

We are a one-stop shop for all your shot blasting needs, covering numerous market sectors

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