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TURBOTECNICA has just delivered an “NTOR” type shot blasting installation to the Magneti Marelli plant in Brazil. It is a belt conveyor blasting machine for handling automobile suspension bushes. The eight different types of bushings come from two furnaces and are channeled inside the blasting chamber via eight tracks. The system is completed with the […]

Amafond Conference

On June 13th, TURBOTECNICA participated in the 73rd Ordinary Assembly of AMAFOND members. To date, there are a total of 92 members distributed between the Machines and Installations Group and the Products and Services Group. During the meeting, the issues concerning the internalisation (participation in different trade fairs, the exchange and cooperation agreement signed between […]

Spare Parts

Customer satisfaction is an aspect of considerable importance to TURBOTECNICA. The constant and complete service to customers and the ability to deal with any request with the shortest possible turnaround time allow us to retain our customers. Turbotecnica provides a worldwide support and spare parts service. All standard and turbines spare parts are available from […]

Annual Report

“We look to our past while creating our future” It is the motto that has always guided TURBOTECNICA and that, with the same spirit, makes us approach the year just begun and the future ones. It has been a year full of challenges, first of all the digital revolution that involves all industrial sectors and, […]

Compressed air surface treatments

Surface roughness as a pre-treatment purpose is one of the most common blasting applications, as product differentiation has become a competitive requirement that companies can no longer renounce. The possibility of using various types of shot – metallic and non metallic, spherical and angular, with different granulometries – allows the realisation of multiple finishes with […]

Turbotecnica in the future

Turbotecnica is more and more projected into the future. We are enlarging the warehouse spaces to better manage the requests and the preparation of the material to be sent to customers by express courier or directly with our technicians. All the parts in stock are equipped with barcode for a quick and precise management of […]

New Shot Blasting Installation for Internal Threaded Coupling

One of the most complex technical aspects of shot blasting internal couplings is the ability to efficiently treat the internal channels that characterize the precision threads, especially in fields with particularly stringent requirements such as the oil sector where manufacturers demand to achieve very precise finishing results. A fully automated process guarantees the required results, […]

Everyone who wants to do business and stay in business goes to Tube

Also Turbotecnica participated in the fair that together with WIRE have been impacting developments in the industries both nationally and internationally for 30 years. At Tube 2018, the exhibitors from all over the world presented their developments and solutions like raw materials, tubes and accessories, tube manufacturing machinery and process technology tools and auxiliaries. Turbotecnica […]

New magnetic separator

With a view to continuous research and improvement of shot blasting processes, Turbotecnica has recently designed a new magnetic separator for the foundry field.The new separator can be adjust in any step of the fall and separation of the shot during the washing phase and removal of the waste. Depending on the type of abrasive, […]

Turbotecnica Shot Blasting Machines in China

Turbotecnica S.p.A. delivered a shot blasting installation type “BETA” and a shot blasting system type “NTOR” to one of its historic customer BREMBO S.p.A. who, after installing our machines in its Italian plants, in the Czech Republic and Mexico, now he also wanted them at the Chinese production site.

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