Professional Blast Rooms

Bespoke design and quick installation of industrial sandblasters

Systems custom made to your specific requirements

Turbotecnica‘s design engineers can come up with a bespoke solution so that the resulting manual blast room caters to your every production need, working with you throughout the design process, including helping you choose what accessories you want to fit the system with.

  • Suitable bespoke service
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Lighting and ventilation systems
  • Protective accessories to ensure the operator safety.

With Turbotecnica professional blast rooms, you benefit from quick and convenient system installation with no need to adapt your facility by drilling holes or building foundations.

Everything you need for professional manual sandblasting

In addition to featuring their own lighting and ventilation systems that have been tested to ensure adequate working conditions in line with international standards, Turbotecnica’s industrial sandblasters come with a full complement of protective accessories to ensure the utmost operator safety inside the system.

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