Our Belt conveyor blast machines

Belt conveyor blast machines

Continuous pass-through shot blasting units

Systems for the special treatment of stone and similar materials

Turbotecnica belt conveyor shot blasting systems are fitted with a special blowing device located in the exit vestibule designed to remove all trace of abrasive from the treated surface.

Our belt conveyor blast machines also come in versions designed specifically for the optimal processing of artificial and natural stone, such as granite, marble or concrete, with extra powerful dust collection and shot washing systems.

Wire mesh or abrasion-resistant rubber belt conveyor

Perfect for finishing die castings and pressings, or for deburring flame-cut plates, the NTOR wire mesh belt conveyor blast machine can be fitted with up to 8 blast wheels to ensure even the tiniest details receive perfect coverage.

With the abrasion-resistant rubber belt conveyor’s special conformation, the NTOG model delivers excellent results, at the same time involving a much lower initial investment and running costs.

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