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NTOR belt conveyor blast machine

Wire mesh belt shot blasting system

More blast wheels for perfect results on every part

The NTOR belt conveyor blast machines are continuous pass-through units featuring a material transport system comprising a highly abrasion-resistant wire mesh belt.

The system features a pass-through arrangement mainly comprising a central blast chamber featuring 4-8 or more blast wheels mounted at an angle and facing each other to ensure perfect coverage of even the most complex parts.

The NTOR shot blasting system‘s exit vestibule features a special blowing device to remove abrasive from the upper surface of the material treated.


Finishing of aluminium and zamak die castings, steel and brass pressings, medium-to-small steel and bronze parts, deburring of flame-cut plates.

Accessories and optional extras

Blast wheel and belt variable speed drive, digital control panel, material transport systems for integration into production line, special filter with fire-prevention system.

Version for stone and similar materials

The mesh belt blast machine can be used for treating granite, marble, concrete and natural and artificial stone. In this case, the dust collection and shot washing systems are extra powerful and also include a magnetic separator.

Market sectors


Foundries and Steelworks

Marble and Granite

Shot peening


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