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Manual blast rooms

Custom-made industrial sandblasters

From the drawing board to system installation

Manual blast rooms are custom made to your specific size requirements, with one or two main material access doors.

Our sandblasters are made from modular steel panels or self-supporting panels featuring polyurethane resin insulation. Walls are lined with special abrasion-resistant rubber. The floor is made from metal grating, with an automatic shot recovery system positioned underneath. Materials can be fed into the room by means of bogies or a gantry.

The system is finished off with pedestrian access doors, a lighting system, platforms with fixed or moving walls for sandblasting parts higher up, an extraction and ventilation system, self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter and manual sandblaster.

The latter is a remote controlled model featuring automatic shot loading and comes complete with all operator accessories. If you have a suitable room on your premises, we can provide all the advice, materials and systems required for you to produce your own system, exploiting the existing walls.


Manual sandblasting of workpieces of all kinds, as preparation prior to painting.

Accessories and optional extras

Material transport system, operator platforms.

Market sectors

Cylinders and Tanks

Foundries and Steelworks

Sheet metal and Structural framing

Paint removal


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