Our compressed air sandblasters and sand blasting machines

TB AC compressed air sandblaster

Systems working with corundum, ceramic and glass blast media

Systems for processing of non-conventional materials

Compressed air sandblasters allow the use of special shot, such as corundum, ceramic media and glass micro-beads, which cannot be used in traditional blast wheel machines.

Turbotecnica has produced various custom solutions based on the material to be treated and the required finish. They include the TB AC rubber belt system for treating bulk workpieces, continuously operated rotary tables, tables with satellites, pass-through belt systems and sandblasters for the inside of tubes or cylinders.

Each machine features a compressed air sandblaster working with positive or negative pressure, shot reclaim system, a variable number of sandblasting nozzles, shot feed silo and self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter. Floor mounted with no structural work required.


Deburring, cleaning, surface preparation prior to coating, roughening, shot peening of any type of metal or non-metal item.

Accessories and optional extras

Magnetic separators (for desanding operations), blast wheel variable speed drive, overhead conveyor in Y-track or closed loop configuration, digital control panel, special filter with fire-prevention system.
Installation complete with self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter.

Market sectors

Cylinders and Tanks

Shot peening


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