Our Overhead conveyor blast machines

TC overhead conveyor blast machine

Continuous pass-through shot blasting system

Ideal for direct transfer to painting/coating department

The TC overhead conveyor blast machine has been designed to treat medium/large workpieces handled by an overhead conveyor consisting in a monorail, bi-rail or hoist system, or by means of bogies.

The blast wheels used to propel the shot are mounted on both sides of the blast chamber and their layout is optimized to ensure full coverage of the material travelling through. The TC overhead conveyor blast machine can be installed in line with a painting/coating system.

The “BASC” version, which features blast wheels mounted on an oscillating support, is a good option where available power is limited. Installation complete with self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter.


Paint removal, reconditioning, preparation prior to painting for metal parts.

Accessories and optional extras

Blast wheel variable speed drive, overhead monorail or bi-rail conveyor, digital control panel, touch-up or manual blowing chamber at exit side of pass-through enclosure, special filter with fire-prevention system.

Market sectors

Cylinders and Tanks

Foundries and Steelworks

Sheet metal and Structural framing


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