Our Rotary table blast machines

ALFA rotary table blast machine

Shot blasting system with self-cleaning filter

Technological efficiency in surface cleaning

Mounted directly on the floor with no additional structural work required, the ALFA rotary table blast machines represent the simplest, most versatile and cost-effective solution to your surface treatment issues.

The material is placed on the table that, as it rotates, ensures both upper and side surfaces are exposed to the action of the shot propelled by the blast wheels.

The ALFA shot blasting system accommodates tables ranging from 500 to 2500 mm in diameter, with loads up to 2000 kg.


Cleaning of dies and forged, cast, pressed, welded and brazed materials.

Accessories and optional extras

Magnetic separators (for desanding operations), blast wheel variable speed drive, powered or non-powered satellites, special filter with fire-prevention system.


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Market sectors


Cylinders and Tanks

Foundries and Steelworks

Sheet metal and Structural framing

Shot peening


Paint removal

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