Special systems

Shot blasting systems for a wide variety of specific applications

Solid experience fuelling innovation

Based on the wealth of experience gained in the production of professional shot blasting systems, the Turbotecnica team has come up with a special catalogue of products designed specifically to cater to individual production requirements.

Our engineers’ thorough design efforts are geared towards constant technological innovation with a view to extending Turbotecnica‘s range, achieved partly thanks to our valuable collaboration with companies who have been in the business for years.

An extensive range of machinery for special treatments

Turbotecnica has designed the ACPR 2 and GB blast machines to process large and medium-sized cylinders respectively, while the TMV and TRAFIL systems cater to requirements associated with the continuous treatment of bars and sections.

Our catalogue is further complemented with machinery for preparing tubes and cylindrical workpieces (ELI model), steel or light alloy wheels (GR model), in addition to bogie and spinner hanger shot blasting systems.

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