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Bogie blast machine

Cleaning treatment shot blasting systems

Blast wheel power for abrasive centrifugation

Bogie blast machines are suitable for performing cleaning treatments on castings or structures.

Parts are loaded on a bogie with a variable-speed rotary table. Heavy parts can be loaded onto the bogie and unloaded again with the aid of the gantry.

The unit comprises an airtight cabinet fitted with a series of blast wheels designed to centrifuge the abrasive (metal shot) against the parts, which rotate slowly. The abrasive action of the shot propelled according to predetermined time, speed and quantity settings determines the desired surface treatment for preparing the material for the next stage of the work process.


Paint removal, reconditioning, preparation prior to painting for metal parts.

Accessories and optional extras

Magnetic separators (for desanding operations), blast wheel variable speed drive, powered or non-powered satellites, special filter with fire-prevention system.

Market sectors


Foundries and Steelworks

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