Our Special systems

ELI tube blast machine

Shot blasting system for cylindrical workpieces

For optimal tube, cylinder and tank preparation

We have designed our ELI tube blast machines to treat tubes and cylindrical workpieces (cylinders, tanks, etc.) in a continuous process.

Featuring a pass-through arrangement, the system is equipped with a motor-driven inverted-taper skewed roller conveyor designed to carry parts through the machine while rotating them around their longitudinal axis.

The number of blast wheels and their output are determined based on the required throughput.


Paint removal, rust removal, descaling, preparation of tubes and cylindrical items prior to painting, surface preparation prior to rubber coating.

Accessories and optional extras

Blast wheel and roller conveyor variable speed drive, digital control panel, automatic loading and unloading systems. Floor mounted, complete with self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter.

Market sectors

Shot peening

Paint removal


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