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GR wheel blast machine

Shot blasting systems for treating wheels

Optimal processing of steel and light alloy surfaces

Our GR wheel blast machines have been specifically designed to treat steel and light alloy wheels. Fed into the blast chamber on its horizontal axis, each wheel is rotated by motor-driver rollers. The number and configuration of the blast wheels, determined based on the wheel’s geometry, ensure full blast coverage. Once the set blast time is up, the wheel is discharged automatically onto the unloading pallet.

The GR wheel blast machine is floor mounted and comes with a self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter.


Paint removal, reconditioning, rust removal, descaling, preparation prior to painting, deburring.

Accessories and optional extras

Blast wheel variable speed drive, digital control panel, automatic loading and unloading systems, special filter with fire-prevention system.

Market sectors


Paint removal

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