Our Tumble belt blast machines

Tumble belt blast machines

Continuous-flow shot blasting systems with rubber/steel belt

For optimum results on details and large surfaces

Fitted with self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filters, Turbotecnica tumble belt blast machines are designed as an ideal processing solution for steel, aluminium, brass, zamak, cast iron or bronze parts and for deflashing thermoset plastics.

By exploiting practical digital controls to adjust blast wheel and belt speed based on the type of materials to be treated, our shot blasting systems ensure high performance without the danger of parts knocking or rubbing against each other.

The advantages of latest generation technology

As the name suggests, the TB G rubber tumble belt blast machine allows parts to be tumbled inside, ensuring even blast coverage of all surfaces. The TB A model‘s steel belt is instead designed to offer excellent abrasion resistance, at the same time delivering high load capacities.

With their combined forward/tumbling movement of the materials, the GTFC tumble belt shot blasting systems ensure considerable advantages in terms of finished appearance and shorter processing times.

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