Our Tumble belt blast machines

TB G tumble belt blast machine

Rubber belt shot blasting system

Effectiveness for the treatment of die-cast materials or pressings

The TB G rubber belt shot blasting systems are used for the treatment of high volume bulk parts, which can be loaded into the machine either manually or automatically by means of a hydraulic bucket.

The rubber belt is designed to tumble the parts inside the cabinet so as to expose all surfaces to the blasting action of the shot propelled by the blast wheels.

Reversing the belt’s rotation allows the material to be discharged either directly into the empty container or onto a belt or vibrating channel positioned at a right angle to the belt’s axis. The TB G tumble belt blast machines‘ load capacity ranges from 35 to 1500 litres with loads of between 45 and 1000 kg at a time.

Floor mounted with no structural work required, complete with self-cleaning dry-type cartridge filter.


Treatment of aluminium and zamak die-cast materials, steel and brass pressings, medium-to-small steel and bronze parts, deflashing of thermoset plastics.

Accessories and optional extras

Automatic loading system, unloading belt or vibrating channel, magnetic separators (for desanding operations), blast wheel and belt variable speed drive, digital control panel, special filter with fire-prevention system. We can also produce complete logistics systems integrated into your department’s production lines.

Market sectors


Foundries and Steelworks

Shot peening


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