On 30 November 2018 TURBOTECNICA, as an associate, took part in the annual Amafond Convention in Rezzato (BS).

The conference, moderated by journalist Debora Rosciani, opened the proceedings with the intervention of President Amafond, Maurizio Sala, who spoke about the importance of the Industry 4.0 plan, which allowed many companies to renew their machinery.

Then, as speakers, the President Assofond, Roberto Ariotti, gave an overview of the Italian and European melting/casting industry sector; the representative of Schulz Brazil, Bruno Ferrari Salmeron, presented data from Brazil and South America with insights on the automotive and components industry; President Clepa, Roberto Vavassori, analyzed European suppliers in the automotive sector. The Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Hon. Massimo Garavaglia confirmed that funds for the mechanical and metallurgy sectors would be made available also in the future.

The conference ended with the awarding of career awards to people who contributed to the development of the Italian casting industry.