Annual Report

Annual Report

“We look to our past while creating our future”

It is the motto that has always guided TURBOTECNICA and that, with the same spirit, makes us approach the year just begun and the future ones.
It has been a year full of challenges, first of all the digital revolution that involves all industrial sectors and, therefore, obliges us to acquire new skills that, together with the knowledge already acquired and the consolidated experience, will allow us to take the path of innovation by developing the skills necessary to face the future.

Focus 2018

Thanks to the international sales representative network, the high quality standards of TURBOTECNICA are guaranteed everywhere.
The foreign market is, in fact, the major outlet for our shot blasting plants, with France confirming the main market for our products.

2018 saw a major increase in sales in Italy (+ 54% compared to 2017), thanks also to government incentives that encouraged industrialists to renovate plants and banks and lending institutions to release loans to industries.

In addition to some historical customers who once again chose our plants, in 2018 TURBOTECNICA acquired numerous new customers (around 60), thus extending its presence in new technical and geographical sectors.

The plant that qualified as “bestseller” in 2018 is the BETA suspended load shot blasting unit.
BETA overhead conveyor blast machines feature motorized hoists that allow parts to be handled without any weight or size restrictions, making them versatile in terms of their application.
The hook the parts are hung from, once inserted in the blast chamber manually or automatically, is made to pivot around its own axis as well as travel in front of the blast wheels (mounted on one side of the chamber), resulting in uniform coverage of all surfaces within the blast area. Customer can choose the BETA shot blasting system‘s size and load capacity based on the materials planned on blasting.
BETA shot blasting systems can be equipped with magnetic separators (for desanding operations), turbine speed variator, Y-shaped or closed loop overhead conveyor, digital control panel

The TB installations were classified as equal.
Tumble belt blast machines are designed as an ideal processing solution for steel, aluminium, brass, zamak, cast iron or bronze parts and for deflashing thermoset plastics.
The TB G rubber tumble belt blast machine allows parts to be tumbled inside, ensuring even blast coverage of all surfaces. The TB A model‘s steel belt is instead designed to offer excellent abrasion resistance, at the same time delivering high load capacities.
Both systems are used for the treatment of high volume bulk parts, which can be loaded into the machine either manually or automatically by means of a hydraulic skip loader.
Reversing the belt’s rotation allows the material to be discharged either directly into the empty container or onto a belt or vibrating channel positioned at a right angle to the belt’s axis.
Our shot blasting systems ensure high performance without the danger of parts knocking or rubbing against each other.

All our systems have been supplied complete with cartridges filter our type FCA or FCO.
FCA and FCO self-cleaning cartridges filters implement a dry process to remove dust from air extracted from shot and sandblasting systems, ensuring compliance with current atmospheric emissions regulations.

All Turbotecnica dust collectors are made to meet the requirements of Eu regulation 2014/34/EU, in addition to being fitted with fire-prevention systems and explosion-proof panels and meets the ST1 and ST2 powder classification.
Furthermore, fire-extinguishing systems have been installed on some filters.


TURBOTECNICA is sensitive to continuous improvement in the quality, safety and the environment areas.

After the new regulation was issued at the end of 2015, for companies already certified with ISO 9001:2008, 2018 was defined as the deadline for updating. TURBOTECNICA has obtained the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard by the certifying body TÜV THÜRINGEN.

In addition, TURBOTECNICA shot blasting systems are EAC certified for export and sale to Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Turbotecnica Academy

TURBOTECNICA is also very sensitive to the training of young people in the professional field.
For this reason, TURBOTECNICA has activated for some years collaborations with local high schools to host students during the period of alternation school / work.

Students are placed in the technical office and followed by a corporate tutor who introduces them to the reality of design and professional life, thus allowing them to acquire skills that can then be used in the future.

2019 Goals

The macroeconomic crisis of the last few years has contracted consumption in many of the sectors in which TURBOTECNICA shot blasting plants are used, causing variations in the value of the available market and raising the level of competition.

Therefore, the success of TURBOTECNICA is linked to its ability to maintain and increase the market shares in which it already operates, trying to expand into new geographical areas.