Our Rotary table blast machines

Rotary table blast machines

For the treatment of gears, engine discs, shafts, dies and turbines

The solution to your surface processing issues

With the solid experience we have gained in the industry, we can produce practical, cost-effective and versatile rotary table blast machines.

Ideal for the treatment of symmetrical components, such as gears, engine discs, shafts, dies and turbines, our rotary table shot blasting systems can be customized with magnetic separators, which are useful for desanding operations.

Shot blasting system with a load capacity up to 2000 kg

With our ALFA rotary table blast machine, we have developed a system that exploits new technologies to offer top performance with low machine running costs.

Available in versions differing in diameter and load capacity, the ALFA rotary table blast machines allow surfaces to be exposed uniformly to the action of the blast wheels, ensuring the best possible results in terms of appearance and workmanship.

We are a one-stop shop for all your shot blasting needs, covering numerous market sectors

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