Our compressed air sandblasters and sand blasting machines

Compressed air sandblasters

Sand blasting machines working with non-conventional shot media

Sand blasting solutions for special parts

The material to be processed and the desired finish may call for the use of compressed air sandblasters working with special blast media, such as corundum, ceramic media and glass micro-beads.

These special sand blasting arrangements are designed to successfully treat items that cannot be processed using traditional sand blast machines: bulk workpieces, continuously operated rotary tables, tables with satellites and pass-through belt systems.

High performance sandblasters for a wide range of different applications

With our TB AC system, we have developed a compressed air sand blasting machine that’s ideal for processing metal and other surfaces for the purpose of deburring, cleaning, roughening and peening.

All our sand blasting machines give you the option of using positive or negative pressure, come with an optimized shot reclaim system and can be customized with a variable number of sandblaster nozzles.

We are a one-stop shop for all your sand blasting needs, covering numerous market sectors

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