Environmental responsibility

Shot blasting: an environmentally friendly treatment

The shot blast machines and shot blasting, sandblasting, shot peening and deburring systems produced by Turbotecnica find countless applications, but mechanical surface finishing treatments generate waste that has to be disposed of within the economic framework of the global manufacturing market and vary depending on the material being treated, whether surface films are applied, whether there are agents left over from previous processing and the type of abrasive used. Each solution comes with suitable systems to remove waste and impurities from the extracted mixture of abrasive and air, comprising:

  • a vibrating screen that sorts the abrasive stream, holding back the coarser parts (scales of paint, burrs, etc.), which are discarded into a special container;
  • a shot separator to remove dust and spent abrasive, thus ensuring that the particle size of the abrasive propelled against the workpieces is kept constant;
  • a dust collector with self-cleaning cartridges that trap dust contained in the air coming from the separator and from the blast chamber.

Processing residue – collected at the screen, separator and filter unit hopper outlets – qualify as scrap metal or aggregate and can be disposed of accordingly, with the exception of waste generated when using the blast machine as a paint removal system, which calls for the implementation of specific treatment methods. In all cases, the filtered air can be released into the atmosphere or back into the workplace as the dust content falls below current regulatory thresholds.

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