Our Roller conveyor blast machines

Roller conveyor blast machines

Continuous pass-through systems with motor-driven conveyor

Ideal for complete treatment lines

Turbotecnica roller conveyor blast machines are designed as an optimal processing solution for sheet metal, sections, tubes and structural framing, with residue from the shot’s abrasive action handled via a blowing and brushing system that ensures every last trace is removed.

With advice from our designers, you can decide to add a roller conveyor shot blasting system to your automatic treatment lines, including preheating, painting/coating and feed and transfer equipment.

Models designed specifically for individual fields of use

In addition to the standard version of the GAMMA roller conveyor blast machine, Turbotecnica has produced the VERT model, designed specifically for the treatment of sheet metal held vertically.

With the GAMMA AL system, on the other hand, we have designed a shot blast machine with a view to optimizing the process of roughening the surface of extruded aluminium profiles, thus avoiding extrusion defects and cutting the costs associated with the subsequent anodizing process.

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